Tae Futaba
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Futaba Anime

Futaba Tae

Kanji 双葉 妙
Romaji Futaba Tae
Physical Description
Gender Female
Age 16-17
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Personal Info
Birthday May 10th
Status Alive
Class 2-B
Occupation Class Rep, High School Student
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 3
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Voice Azusa Tadokoro
English Voice Caitlin Glass
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Tae Futaba (双葉 妙, Futaba Tae) is one of the main girls who have a crush on Masamune. Even though she had already confessed to him, they still stayed as close friends.


Tae has amber eyes and has short brown hair with a tint of red. She wears the Yasaka High School Uniform, except her vest is tied around her waist.


Tae is an optimistic, kind, and cheerful girl. She is usually in a good mood. Tae can be rather determined and motivate. She is also a fujoshi, making fantasies of Masamune and Kojuurou together.


Tae is the class rep of her class. When Masamune transfers over to their school/class she tried to get Masamune settled into the school and supported him in any way. She then falls in love with him and asks him out on a date, Masamune told her "he can't" but they still remain close friends.


  • She has a small crush on Masasmune,but shown in episode 9 she prefers to keep her feelings to herself rather than to act on it.
  • She is class rep
  • She is also shown to be very competitive
  • She very athletic and her favorite is swimming