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Welcome to the Masamune-kun no Revenge' Wiki that anyone can edit.

政宗くんのリベンジ; 政宗君的复仇; Masamune-kun no Revenge is a manga written by Takeoka Hazuki and illustrated by Tiv.

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Featured Char
Makabe Prof

Masamune Makabe
Masamune Makabe is a high school student who seeks revenge for the cruelty of his past.

Are you going to watch the upcoming anime adaptation of the series?

The poll was created at 19:56 on July 18, 2016, and so far 103 people voted.

Previous Results
Here is the results of the previous poll that 406 votes were made: Which main character do you like the best?

Position Options Votes Percent
1 Masamune Makabe 227 55.91%
2 Aki Adagaki 92 22.66%
3 Neko Fujinomiya 49 12.07%
4 Yoshino Kowai 38 9.36%
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