This is a list of episodes in Masamune-kun no Revenge, which is the adaptation of the manga. The anime was aired in Japan on January 4, 2017, and released as subbed on January 5, 2017.

Episode 1 "The Boy Who Was Called Pig's Foot"
Tonsoku to yoba reta otoko (豚足 と呼ばれた男)
January 5th, 2017
Masamune Makabe, a boy who's out for revenge on a heartbreak, transferred to Yasaka High School. On a mission to capture Aki Adagaki's heart and break it in the same sense as she did to him, Masamune finds out about Cruel Princess' personality...
Episode 2 "Cinderella Doesn't Laugh"
Shinderera wa warawanai (シンデレラは笑わない)
January 12th, 2017
Still thinking on who gave the message on the paper to him, Masamune becomes wary of his surroundings, scared that the mysterious person might reveal his dark past. Coming across a helpless Yoshino, Masamune aids her in collecting Aki's food. He looks at her and claims her to be just like Cinderella. Just as the day ends, he comes to discover the least likely person to know his past...
Episode 3 "Yoshino's Magic Show"
Yoshino no majikkushō (吉乃のマジックショー)
January 19th, 2017
When Masamune finds out Kojuro hadn't ever gotten to double digits on his tests, he decided to help Kojuro out. Upon studying, he notices Aki doing the same for Yoshino. Wondering if he's able to trust, Yoshino, he makes a deal with Aki to see who can score the highest out of their teams of two. If Makabe loses, he'd have to buy her food and wear his awful nickname on his back, if he wins, he gets a date...
Episode 4 "Clear and Present Danger"
Ima soko ni aru kiki (今そこにある危機)
January 26th, 2017
After having "studied" shoujo manga all night long, Masamune Makabe is confident that he will be able to make Aki Adagaki fall for him. During supplementary class, he decided to try out some of lines he picked up. Despite all of his work though, Aki was not at all impressed...
Episode 5 "Mysterious Cat"
Misuteriasu kyatto (ミステリアス・キャット)
February 2nd, 2017
Episode 6 Attack! Battle Of The Home Visits
Totsugeki! Otaku hōmon-sen (突撃!お宅訪問戦)
February 9th, 2017

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