King Chicoro Edit

Shing Kiokkoro

King Chicoro before Masmune-kun had his revenge.


King Chicoro after Masamune-kun had his revenge.

He is an ancient namekian from the warrior clan who saved planet namek from beerus during the namekian destruction arc in dragon ball s

Biography Edit

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he contracted aids but as a namekian he did not care about it

King chicoro was born in planet Namek in the year 420 he is the son of the father of the head of the warrior clan, was an expert fighter legends say he was born with a power level of 25,000

Danny Phantom (1)

After Masamune had his Blood Vengeance filled, he felt a bit happier, he then proceeded to slaughter an entire tribe, when he finished his vendetta, King Chicoro appeared and Masamune cut his life-support, breaking his chi system thus caused him to become a ghost. this is how he looks nowadays.He later in hes confornted Masamune but he decided to spare hes life

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