Kaneko Sonoka
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Kanji 金子園香
Romaji Sonoka Kaneko
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Personal Info
Status Alive
School Yasaka High School
Class 2-A
Occupation High School Student
Yasaka Vice President
Affiliation Kanetsugu Gasou
Aki Adagaki
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 20
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Voice Mariya Ise
English Voice Tia Ballard
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Kaneko Sonoka (金子園香, Sonoka Kaneko) is one of the girls who have self-proclaimed themselves as Aki Adagaki's bodyguards. She is also the Vice President of Yasaka High School.


Kaneko has pink eyes and has dirty blond hair, with two pink ribbons tying up two straps of her hair into ring-shaped like, while the rest of her hair reaches her chest. She wears the Yasaka High School uniform which consists of a pink shirt, black vest with the school symbol on it, a striped, yellow skirt, and a blue and yellow ribbon.


Kaneko is shown to be a calm, yet optimistic girl. Though mostly like this, she is also shown to be manipulative so she can get anything her way.


She is one of Aki's "bodyguards" and the Vice President of Yasaka High School.


  • She is older than Aki