Episode 3
Episode 3
Title "Yoshino's Magic Show"
Kanji 吉乃のマジックショー
Romaji Yoshino no majikkushō
Chapter(s) Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Release Date January 19th, 2017
"Cinderella Doesn't Laugh" "Clear and Present Danger"
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"Yoshino's Magic Show" (吉乃のマジックショー, Yoshino no majikkushō) is the third episode of the anime adaptation, Masamune-kun no Revenge. It was first aired in Tokyo on January 19th, 2017 by Silver Link.


When Masamune finds out Kojuro hadn't ever gotten to double digits on his tests, he decided to help Kojuro out. Upon studying, he notices Aki doing the same for Yoshino. Wondering if he's able to trust, Yoshino, he makes a deal with Aki to see who can score the highest out of their teams of two. If Makabe loses, he'd have to buy her food and wear his awful nickname on his back, if he wins, he gets a date.

Automatically Masamune won the bet, though he had assumed Yoshino had put laxatives in his black coffee to sabotage him (but his own mom had given him food poisoning from the eggs), due to Aki's absence during the tests. Although he won, the food poisoning caused for him to get supplementary lessons and because Aki had not done the test, they both had the lessons together. However, Yoshino had planned for a horrid date for them, which caused Masamune and Aki to be embarrassed.


List of characters in order of appearance:


  • Chapters 4 and 5 were displayed in reverse.


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